My Cousin Vinny

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vincent valentine

I need to know where I can find Vincent Valentine in Final Fantasy VII. Here’s the process I used to get him.

  1. First open the safe in shinra Mansion and defeat Lost Number.
  2. After defeating Lost Number (easy kill), check the safe to get the key item “Basement Key.” (Don’t miss the easily accessible Odin Matiera nearby either).
  3. Open the secret door Cloud used in the flashback and enter the basement cave. Once inside, open the wooden door using the Key.
  4. Examine the coffin in the middle of the room; Vincent will wake up and ask to talk for a while.
  5. When he asks what you want, choose to talk about Sephiroth. They’ll talk for a while, then Vincent will go back to sleep.
  6. Examine again and Vincent will reappear. This time, ask hi who he is. You’ll get to name him and then he will go back to sleep. Just continue on to the meeting with Sephiroth at the end of the basement. When you leave, VV will appear and offer to join the party.

Why Is Minecraft So Fun?

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Web diversions such as games and videos are extremely prevalent nowadays. Numerous gamers are dependent on specific diversions that are played over the web. Such diversions are basically appreciated in the multi-player mode. With the prominence of freemium games on the web, players can associate with the other individuals playing the same diversion from everywhere throughout the world at little to no cost. We all love to have some distractions to take our mind off of stress, and one of them is Minecraft.

What is Minecraft?

Many individuals have now played Minecraft on a regular basis or at have at least tried Minecraft free. Most of the time people get addicted to it after playing once; do you know why they love it? There are three basic things, possession, replayability and usability. These may appear as insane thoughts to consider, however, without a doubt the primary reasons individuals truly cherish Minecraft is a result of how it gives them a chance to have a piece of a world which is really theirs (possession). Players can play over a long period (replayability). At long last it is so easy to begin that anybody can play it and have a great time without expecting to dive into the deeper parts of Minecraft.

Why it is Famous?

Minecraft is generally seen as a decent development in the gaming world. In spite of the fact that it is fun, people will need to be vigilant on how regularly they’re going on it. Minecraft offers a truly extraordinary experience that players won’t get tired of, by mining materials, crafting items, and building things. So it’s not very surprising that different organizations are making a ton of money from Minecraft. Going on virtual diversions is a truly incredible interest to aid gamers to unload and recharge after a working day.

Having the ability to own a piece of your own property or your entire world is a major ordeal for Minecraft players. Numerous gamers have needed to  get their parcel inside present hugely multiplayer amusement parks, castles, ships, and you name it. Finally, Minecraft lets us to do this which is truly magnificent. I understand players can completely unwind and gain instant gratification as soon as they start playing. This is the key as it makes the gamer feel critical, in the same way as they are having a true obligation in how the world advances.

Permitting players to play online on servers is one way Minecraft’s developers make money. They get a huge influx of different gamer’s raw online data and use it to determine how to market the game. Looking at this logically there are relatively few games to be discovered like it. Numerous games depend on advanced graphics; however this is not a huge factor for Minecraft.

What is Terraria?

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If you’ve been following the trends within the gaming world, you’re fairly certain to notice something. Not too long ago it seemed that games like Call of Duty and Halo ruled the airwaves. Gamers seemed to want nothing more than to run through corridors with their peers gunning down opponents. While there is quite literally nothing at all wrong with this, times are changing quite a bit. Now adays, it seems that gamers are looking for a richer gaming experience. This is made evident by the fact that adventure games are consistently topping the charts. However, it’s not just run of the mill adventure games that are making a splash, but ones that allow you to do quite literally whatever you want.

These games are somewhat of a new genre that is possible thanks to advances in modern technology. Ushered in by the likes of Minecraft, these adventure games allow you to make your own story. If you want to build a house you can. If you want to check out some dungeons, explore caves and fight bad guys, you’re more than welcome to. Some of these games are so advanced that extremely dedicated community members have been able to create functional computers using only in game tools.

While Minecraft is probably the most famous of these games, Terraria definitely comes in at a close second. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you may originally think that it is simply a free Minecraft clone, but this couldn’t be farther than the truth. While both games feature similar features such as being able to mine for ore, craft weapons and build houses, they are quite a bit different.

What Sets Terraria Apart

Launched for the first time in 2011 (roughly 3 years after Minecraft hit the streets) Terraria is essentially a 2D side scroller – much like the older Super Mario Bros. In Terraria there are quite a few materials to collect including ore, animal matter and much more. Using these materials you can create a wide array of different items from decorations to new building materials for a house to weapons and armor. However, if you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that you can do pretty much all of this in Minecraft. So what sets it apart?

What sets Terraria apart from Minecraft is essentially the story. Minecraft on one hand is extremely open ended. There is no start point and no end point. The same can be said about Terraria, to a degree, but it is much more linear. In Terraria instead of simply being able to farm materials and build cool items, there are bosses to battle – something Minecraft currently does not have. While there isn’t much of a story in Terraria there is a linear timeline that sees the player fighting progressively harder bosses until they essentially win the game.

How Much Does Terraria Cost?

While you’re not going to get a free Minecraft version of Terraria, it’s safe to say that you’ll be able to pick the game up for quite cheap. As of this writing Minecraft currently sells for around $30 USD. Terrarium, on the other hand, is currently available via Valve’s Steam digital distribution platform for just $9.99. If you’re even remotely considering Terraria, it is definitely a great buy. Hours upon hours of fun are to be had in the world of Terraria for less than the price of a simply meal.

Age Doesn’t Matter

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Whether you are a kid or a teenager or a working adult, there is no age limit for some online and computer games. Without a doubt, Minecraft set everyone’s bars high. It was originally created by Markus Notch Persson and developed by Mojang. Unfortunately it was bought out by Microsoft recently for $2.5 billion. There are so many mini games that one can play inside Minecraft – take a look at the exit through the dungeons.

Exit through Dungeons

Are you bored as hell or tired after a long day at work? Need the time to pass away or do you need to relax? Here comes an exciting game, Exit through Dungeons. It is a first person zombie shooting game where you have to escape from dark zombie infected vault without getting killed. So get ready for some shooting experience by killing zombies.


The game play is very simple to play and this is one of the shooter games where you don’t have to take trouble playing. There is no crouch or jump. It uses four keys from keyboard i.e., up, down, left, right arrows or A, S, D, W and movement of mouse for aiming and left mouse button for shooting. The game comes in a single level and you don’t have any option to save. You have to complete everything in one time only and it will not take more than ten minutes to finish the game.

The game starts in a dark dungeon walking down the stairs; the person goes into a room filled with some light where zombies start to appear. The zombies keep coming to you which are made up of blocks. The person has to aim at zombies and shoot them not just in one point but in the whole body and when they get shot, they collapse in the form of blocks. It is to be made sure that they don’t rise again so each block must be killed. You’ll also see some ghosts which can be killed just like zombies. Also, you have to be careful about your health because when it comes down to zero, you’re dead. So the person should keep moving from place to place as the zombies keep coming onto you and when they touch you; your health will be reduced and when health gets down to zero, you will be dead and you’ll fall back to first level.

There is no need to reload ammo and it is infinite. So you shoot everything you see, whether a single block or fire. The gates will open once you have killed everything in that room. Once you enter the last dungeon, you will see an exit door which leads to the princess.


The features of this game are very simple. It doesn’t have any background music but the basic effects like howling wind, zombie screams and the sound of shooting. There is also a sequel to this game “Exit through Dungeons 2”.

This will be the entire game of Exit through Dungeons. So, what are you waiting for? Play with the zombies now!

Build Your Imagination with Sandbox Games

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The game play of Minecraft is very open ended and it allows players to explore a randomly generated game world while also building and combatting the creatures of the night. Minecraft takes place in a 3D world with game play involving the most simplistic ideas, including the removal and placement of cubes in randomly generated world. Other mechanics include resources, exploration, crafting and fighting which players can experience in different ways through the provided game modes. Minecraft games here will get your creative juices flowing as you create, build and go adventuring through a variety of different game worlds and fight for survival. The Minecraft clones here all add their own spin on the creative sandbox genre that Minecraft has made popular in recent years.

Popularity of minecraft games:

The total amount of games like Minecraft today is positively staggering, and if one actually tries to list out every single one, then this list would quickly become as endless and infinite. Why would people be interested in playing games like Minecraft?

Well, if you are a gaming enthusiast who wants to play fun and adventurous games; then, the plethora of sandbox games are your best friends. These games help you think critically and creative improves creativitiy. Great knowledge is acquired through building things using your imagination. Students, youth, and people who want to improve their creativity and critical thinking skills will be interested to play games like Minecraft.

Minecraft and similar games are horizontally infinite as it allows infinitely large game world with limitation on vertical plane. It has technical problems when distant location is reached. The game achieves this task by dividing the game world data into small modules called as “chunks” which are created or loaded into the memory when the player are nearby the location. Minecraft games were awarded five awards at the “Game developer conference” in 2011 and also a golden joystick award in the best downloadable category in 2012. This kind of Minecraft games is available in Android, iOS, Windows operating system and Linux operating systems and different kinds of platforms. They are simple and fun to play such games just to pass the time.

There is a world of games that one can play when it comes to the Minecraft games. Choose from block story, cloud worlds, mine blocks, exit through the dungeon, zombiecraft, tower defense and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pick today and start playing to feel the adventurous magic of Minecraft.