2006/07 Season

Rumple logo
August 3rd – August 18th
written by Pat Quigley – original music by Kevin MacLeod – directed by Peggy Eserkaln

A rollicking musical comedy for the entire family. Based on the classic fairy tale, this hour-long adventure tells a ‘golden’ story.

Middleville logo
“3 Stories from Middleville”
September 8th – October 14th
written by Matt Worzala – directed by Mike Eserkaln

Three short plays united by a common place and a common occurance. Communists, murder, Code 9′s, a monkey and Mole Men. It’s just another day in the town of Middleville.

Plank logo
“The Brothers Plank”
November 3rd – December 9th
written by Mike Eserkaln – directed by Gary Radke

Join us for the adventures of the world famous detective brothers, Thelonious and Reginald Plank and their suicide-obsessed assistant, as they solve the most nefarious of crimes.

One Act logo
“One-Act Theatre Festival”

February 9th – March 17th
written by Various – directed by Various

The One-Act Theatre Festival returns with an all-new lineup of about a dozen or so short, never before seen unrelated plays.

Waunobie logo
“North & South Waunobie”
April 13th – May 19th
written by Jim Reilly – directed by Betty Butcher

Meet the residents of North & South Waunobie, a small town with problems just like any other. Hostile pancake and porkie takeovers are just the start in this wild rural farce from celebrated humorist Jim Reilly.