2007/08 Season

“The Emperor’s New Clothes”
August 2nd – August 18th, 2007
written by Pat Quigley
directed by Carrie Masse

Join us for Venture Theatre’s take on the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale of an overly fashion-conscious king and the hustlers who take advantage of him. This musical adaptation is suitable for the entire family.

“The Pennsylvania Rose”
September 7th – October 13th, 2007
written by Matt Worzala
directed by Kasey Johnson

Five years ago, the most famous female outlaw in Texas was believed shot and killed. Why has she resurfaced and resumed her trainrobbing ways? And what does it all have to do with the railroad closing the small town of Pickett? Venture brings Western drama to the live stage.

“Slap Happy”
November 2nd – December 8th, 2007
written by Mike Eserkaln, Mike Lorenz, Tim Miller and Tony Mayer
directed by Matt Worzala

Can four morons who’ve won millions really turn this country around? If one of these clowns ends up as President, look out America. Slapstick, pratfalls and putdowns a-plenty!

“One-Act Theatre Festival”
January 25th – March 1st, 2008
written by Various Local Writers
directed by Various Local Directors

The One-Act Theatre Festival returns for its third all-new lineup of never-before-seen short, unrelated, locally written plays.

Kurt Fitzpatrick’s
“Rebel Without a Niche”
March 21st – March 29th, 2008

Kurt Fitzpatrick plays an alarming array of characters in this tale of an underemployed artist supporting himself with bizarre jobs in New York City. He’s a bike messenger for a single day, a graveyard shift computer operator working under a hot-tempered Jamaican man, a “guerilla marketer” for Frozen Fresh groceries in New Jersey, and a zoot suit clad zombie in a Halloween show called “Madison Scare Garden.”

April 4th – May 10th, 2008
conceived by Mike Eserkaln
written and directed by an ensemble

“I am dreaming and I can’t wake up.” Prepare yourself for a journey into the sights and sound of the subconscious. With stunning visuals and full immersion soundscapes, it’s Venture Theatre like you’ve never experienced it before.